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John Cirilo
Director of Training & Certification, & Internal Sales Manager

John Cirilo has been with the Parisi Speed School for 12 years and brings over 20 years of training experience to the program. As a highly decorated Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps and Gulf War Veteran, John designed and implemented physical training programs for his fellow Marines. John is NASM, FMS, and USAW certified and his experience includes serving as the Director of Training at Spine and Sports Care in Elmwood Park, where he studied and worked with spine, joint, and sports therapists. John has been one of the premier Performance Enhancement Specialists in the Parisi organization, having successfully trained over 1,000 athletes including high school, collegiate, and professional athletes. His service included the NFL Combine Program, where he assisted in successfully launching the careers of over 130 athletes, franchise compliance, and franchise sales, where he successfully negotiated 60 of the current Franchise locations.

John now serves as the Director of Training & Certification, & Internal Sales Manager, and is deeply involved in all stages of staff training, motivation and education, having certified over 300 performance coaches. John also assists with facility layout and design, equipment acquisition, and program launch for prospective franchisees.