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Performance Nutrition: Guidelines For Athletes and Active Kids

At The Parisi Speed School we believe that good nutrition habits and proper nutrient timing are important aspects of an athlete's development. Our nutrition program, developed and instructed by our Registered Dietitian, is designed to fit the needs of every athlete we train.

The Top Five Ways Nutrition Benefits Athletes:
  • Increases Energy Levels for Training and Competition.
  • Accelerates Muscle Recovery.
  • Improves Relative Body Strength.
  • Decreases Body Fat Percentage.
  • Reduces Risk of Injury.
Nutrition Assesment
This one-hour consultation with our Registered Dietitian includes a complete evaluation of height, weight, BMI, body fat and diet history. We use the initial assessment to design a course of action for our athletes who are looking to improve the quality of their diet.

Individual Nutrition
Our purpose is to help athletes with specific nutrition goals such as weight loss, weight gain, or nutrient delivery for optimum performance.
During your 30-minute sessions you will learn how many calories you need to maintain or change your weight, how much protein you need, and if you are missing any essential nutrients in your diet. We'll help you adopt a healthier lifestyle by teaching you how to:
  • Read food labels
  • Estimate portion sizes
  • Plan healthy meals and snacks
If appropriate, you will receive a meal plan to help you achieve your goals, and a printout detailing the nutritional quality of your diet.

Group Nutrition
This four session program will teach the fundamentals of nutrition relevant to athletes of all ages. Classes will be taught in groups with no more than 6 athletes per session, parents are strongly encouraged to attend. Your initial session will be a nutrition overview class that will teach you about all the essential macronutrients, vitamins and minerals. The following 3 sessions can be chosen based on your interests and nutritional needs.

Would you like your child to eat healthier?

Class offerings include:

Eating for Competing:
Meal timing, Recovery, and Hydration.

Eating on the Run:
Dining out, Label reading, and Grocery shopping.

Get the Facts:
Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements.

Eat Right:
Breakfast, Healthy snacking, and Meal preparation.

Bulking Up:
Increase your lean body mass the healthy way.

Do you know how many calories your child needs each day?

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