1. Upholding a Great Foundation & Your Role as a Program Director

As you learned during both the Parisi Performance Interim and Live Coaching Certification, one of the primary responsibilities of a Program Director is to ensure your team upholds the great foundation of the Parisi Training System.  Our program has over a 25 year history of providing great results that keep athletes and parents coming back to the Parisi Speed School (PSS) for more. As the Program Director of your Parisi Speed School (PSS) facility you are the lynchpin to a well-run, effective affiliate. It is essential that you understand the critical responsibilities of the position and the impact your role has on success.  


Embody the Parisi Vision and Mission

As with all of Parisi’s education, certifications and courses alike, we start by understanding how our mission statement and core value’s impact the position of the Program Director. As a leader in the Parisi Speed School, it is paramount that you understand and can communicate how our company began and grew to where it is today.  The Parisi Story is not only inspiring; it also creates credibility with those individuals you present it to. 

Our vision and mission statements are the culmination of this story.  It is important that you and your staff embody these statements in everything you do and say, every day.


Parisi Vision Statement:

Empower America’s youth through increased fitness, confidence, and performance.


Parisi Mission Statement:

As the industry leader in performance enhancement, we will continue to deliver a positive training experience that improves the speed of movement and strength in character regardless of ability or economic status.


In case you need a refresher on the history of the Parisi Speed School, and the story of our Founder, Bill Parisi, please review the four video’s below.


As this lesson continues, you will learn the following:

  • Recognize the Importance of Training Excellence 
  • Understand the value of TrainHeroic & its role with the PSS
  • Ensure Certification/Recertification of All Staff
  • Accept the Responsibilities of Program Director
  • Understand Your Role in the PSS Infrastructure
  • Become the Face of the Parisi Speed School
  • Know the Value of Self Development