3. The Skill of Deceleration

Deceleration is without a doubt a highly trainable skill. No matter the age of an athlete, deceleration training must be incorporated into your Parisi classes. While it may be under-estimated by many coaches in the sports performance industry, the Parisi program places tremendous focus on enhancing an athlete’s ability to control momentum on all three planes which also serves as a reliable strategy for injury prevention.

Check out these tips on how to coach deceleration to your athletes and groups.

Since its inception the Parisi Speed School system has recognized deceleration training to be one of the most critical aspects of speed and sports performance training for all ages which is why it is one of our 5 key points to success. In fact, as a key influencer in the sports performance industry, the Parisi system advocates for deceleration training drills to be incorporated in some way in all multidirectional training classes. While it may only be in the form of coaching cues, it can also become one of the focal points highlighted during any mechanical, application or competitive drills. The goal begins with teaching an athlete to control their center of gravity and its relationship to their base of support when slowing down, reaccelerating or stopping.

Clearly, speed is a skill. As a Parisi coach you will always need to prioritize the skill of deceleration. Stopping speed is as high-a-priority as sprinting speed when leading your sessions. You will encounter some young athletes who come in with amazing natural speed, to only watch them use your walls to stop themselves. Because the gravitational braking forces experienced during deceleration can be up to two-times an athlete’s body weight, the Parisi system will always default to deceleration training drills to improve an athletes’ overall injury resilience. This can be accomplished with eccentric exercises and even unilateral strength movements.

Check out this Coaching Habit on the importance of Deceleration for athletes to help drive home the WHY behind this skill.