5. Developing Your Team Training Market

Selling team training is as much about “who you know” as “how much you know”.  For an awareness marketing campaign to achieve its full potential, it must reach as many of the intended customers as possible.  That’s how you get the biggest bang for your buck.  

As a great team training coach and sales person, you need to know as many of the teams and customers as possible in your area.  This is an ongoing effort and it takes some time.  However, when you launch a campaign, your efforts are well rewarded because you already know who you’re sending it to and you have their information.  

Developing a market is not a single event, but a progression over time.  The more you talk, visit and interact with your customers, the more you learn about them and other potential customers, and  the more you know, the stronger the relationship will be, and the easier it is to sell team training.  We already said this, but it bears repeating… people buy from people they like and trust!  Customers like feeling special and appreciated.   

The first step is knowing who those customers are!  This module helps you develop your team training market and provides a structure that makes it organized and straightforward.