15. Introduction to TrainHeroic

Welcome to the TrainHeroic portion of the Parisi Interim Coaching Certification.


TrainHeroic is the exclusive performance training software of the Parisi Speed School and we are incredibly excited to have it available for all of our affiliate locations to utilize!


Below are some resources for you to watch (I would take notes!) to become better familiar with the TrainHeroic platform.


For an individual tutorial, best practices, or even a refresher on how to implement TrainHeroic in your facility, please reach out to Casey Lee, Parisi’s Director of Coaching and Education, at [email protected]


This webinar is ~35 minutes long. Lead Master Trainer Steve Leo is going to go through a global overview of the TrainHeroic software and how it specifically integrates with the Parisi Training System.


For more specific details on how to program and utilize specific features, please review the following TrainHeroic support videos.


For programming efficiency (creating programming, actual X’s and O’s of creating an individual athlete program)…

Managing and inviting athletes to the platform AND how it syncs with the TrainHeroic mobile app