The off-season is where champions are made, and this summer Parisi Speed School is the training facility to improve your performance and train to win! With our Summer Membership program, take advantage of special discounted rates.  Athletes of all ages can utilize unlimited training sessions to increase their speed, strength, and performance. Whether you are a young athlete looking to try sports for the first time or make the team or a high school athlete trying to earn a college scholarship, Parisi Speed School will help you get there.  With our expanded session schedule to serve your family, we are the premiere performance and fitness training company in Brevard County!

Summer Membership Details: (Jump Start & Total Performance)

  • Offer is available for purchase from May 1st to July 30th.
  • 3 Month program
  • FREE Evaluation and No Enrollment Fee ($100 Savings)
  • Starts upon completion of performance evaluation and ends 3 months from start date.
  • Open to Jump Start (ages 7-11) and Total Performance (ages 12-15).
  • Unlimited Sports Performance group training sessions for the duration of the membership



  • 3 Month Paid in Full Option: $479 OR
  • 3 Month Monthly Option: $159 per month

PEAK Summer Program (Ages 13+)

PEAK Training Programs are custom designed for each athlete to reach their individual goals.  We design a custom training program based on sound and proven techniques and scientific principles to deliver the best possible training. While all PEAK sessions are done in a small-group format of 4 or less, each athlete has an individual program to follow.

Whether an athlete needs to train for an upcoming combine or showcase, an upcoming season or just wants to improve as an athlete, the PEAK program will give each athlete the custom tailored program they need to succeed!

With our PEAK Summer Program, pay only $359 per month (3 Month Commitment) or $1,050 Paid in Full and receive:

  • Up to 8 PEAK sessions per month
  • Unlimited Total Performance Sessions
  • Access to Customized workouts on our TrainHeroic App