$99.00 USD

Athlete Evaluation Masterclass

90-minute on-demand webinar

The training cliche “If you aren’t assessing, then you’re guessing” is very true. But what happens when you assess, but don’t know what the results mean?

In this Masterclass, we are going to break down the Parisi Training Evaluation, from testing procedures to testing results, so that you can understand the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ behind all things athlete assessment!

Attendees can expect to learn…

  1. Which tests accurately test linear speed and change of direction
  2. What the testing results mean in performance training outcomes
  3. Understanding benchmark scores for your athletes to easily digest what is ‘good’ and what ‘needs improvement’

Presented by Casey Lee, Education Support Specialist

Casey Lee, CSCS has been in the Parisi Network since 2011. In October of 2014, Casey was awarded Parisi Performance Coach of the Year, a national award with an applicant pool of 450+ coaches. He has had one of the fastest tracks of any Performance Coach, becoming the youngest Master Coach in the Parisi network from 2014-2017. During this time he provided sports performance programming and educational content throughout the entire Parisi network. Prior to joining the Parisi HQ Team and launching Parisi All-Access, he was the Program Director at the affiliate location in Burlington, Vermont for 7 years. Casey brings a variety of experience in coaching systems, business integrations, and youth athletic development.