1.1 Training Excellence and The Parisi Training System (PTS)

Recognize the Importance of Training Excellence

The delivery of the Parisi Training Systems (PTS) is what makes our program unique among the competition.  Everyone knows that speed and agility drills are no secret.  In fact, there are plenty of video’s, books, and articles that can tell someone the basics on what needs to be done to get faster.  So, what makes the PTS unique?


It’s actually pretty simple.  While important, speed and agility drills are not all that is delivered in our training sessions.  Parisi wants MORE for our athletes than just great drills!  We want our athletes to gain self-confidence!  We want them to have an understanding and awareness of WHY they are training and HOW to do it correctly, as well as achieving competitive grace!


This higher goal for the Parisi athlete starts with a commitment from you – as a Program Director – to training excellence.  This commitment is not solely to the technical aspects of training, which you already know well.  It is also a commitment to the “art” of training kids and the special considerations of what you are accomplishing with each individual athlete.


Training excellence is a combination of several things:


  • Connecting with each athlete by understanding his/her goals and motivation
  • Committing to follow the proven PTS process
  • Ensuring that each athlete’s self-esteem and confidence is constantly growing
  • Following each athlete’s progress and addressing challenges as they arise


Without your commitment to training excellence, the PSS and the PTS are no better than any other competitive organization.  It is you and your staff that will make the difference in an athlete’s life and uphold this great foundation, which is Parisi!


The Value of Great Sessions and Performance Coaches

Great sessions provide memorable experiences that our athletes and parents WANT, not just need.  These experiences will be what keep them coming back for more.


Great performance coaches…deliver great sessions!


The foundation of any great session is training excellence, which has already been discussed.  Beyond this, great sessions are fun, engaging, enlightening, motivating, and exhilarating for the athlete.  Many of our younger athletes don’t recognize the value of good technical training, but simply keep returning because it is fun!  


Let’s face it – everyone likes to do things that are enjoyable and kids are no different.  Therefore, it is up to you as a Program Director to ensure that you and your staff are not only delivering technical quality but giving great sessions that are memorable to both your athletes and parents!


Why Consistency/Adherence to PTS Protocol is Important

As a PSS affiliate location, the consistent delivery of our training program is a key element to success.  Regardless of whether an athlete attends a PSS in New Jersey or California, the “product” should be identifiable as the  same.  Adhering to our specific protocol ensures the brand is recognized both nationally and internationally for quality and consistency.


Yet there is more to it than brand – it is also about our athletes’ results!  The PTS has over a 25 year history of producing quality results.  Our system has a proven track record and has withstood the test of time (by following our protocol).  This is the reason you should ensure the PTS is followed at your PSS; it simply produces the results.