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Train Heroic

To help you and your team stay consistent and adhere to the PTS protocol, we have partnered with TrainHeroic – your exclusive training delivery software for your Parisi program. 


Through your TrainHeroic account, you can:


  • Access pre-built, monthly class programs for:
  • Pee Wee
  • Game Time
  • Jump Start 1 and Jump Start 2
  • Total Sports Performance Linear Speed, Multidirectional Speed and Basic Strength 
  • Elite Linear Speed, Elite Multidirectional Speed and Advanced Strength
  • Quickly and easily customize monthly calendars based on your facility’s schedule
  • Create custom Parisi programs from session templates
  • Review video tutorials on all movements in the Parisi and TrainHeroic library
  • Share session programs with your athletes through the TrainHeroic app
  • Easily track athlete progress and personal bests
  • Display a session on a tv screen during class
  • Access to sport specific training


… and more! TrainHeroic is always being updated with new programs to help our Parisi network be the best it can possibly be! The complete library of programs ensures that you are always delivering high-quality sessions that align with the proven Parisi protocol.

Our 3-phase approach to learning TrainHeroic enables you to begin using the app to its full potential as soon as possible.

Phase 1: Accessing Parisi’s Programs in your classes every day

Phase 2: Customizing Parisi’s Schedule and Programming

Phase 3: Training One on One and Teams through TrainHeroic


TrainHeroic has a very responsive Customer Service team. You can access them at any time by emailing [email protected] 

To login to your TrainHeroic account, visit https://athlete.trainheroic.com/#/login


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