1.3 Program Director (PD) Responsibilities

Responsibilities of Program Director

To become an effective Program Director, you must learn and take ownership of the primary responsibilities expected for the position.  While the basics are covered throughout these lessons and the associated training you will receive, it is important that you also have a thorough discussion with your manager or owner about the specific responsibilities at your PSS.  

Ensuring that both you and your manager clearly define, communicate, and understand these job responsibilities is the first step in attaining business success.


The Job at 10,000 Feet

A Program Director’s overall measure of success relies on positive revenue growth through achieving monthly sales goals and retaining athletes.  To this end, there are thirteen responsibilities that are a MUST for success.  


These responsibilities are:

  1. Launch a successful opening (if a new license)
  2. Maintain effective scheduling of programs
  3. Ensure great sessions
  4. Track and evaluate daily numbers
  5. Close 80% of internal sales
  6. Build and maintain parent rapport
  7. Provide leadership and empower staff toward success
  8. Maintain an effective staff
  9. Build community relationships
  10. Close 33% of camp/team training sales
  11. Execute Parisi Nation Challenges (at least quarterly)
  12. Market your PSS effectively
  13. Maintain Parisi best practices and effective daily operations


If carried out successfully, each of these has a great impact on your achievements as a Program Director – and those of your PSS.


Understand Your Role in the PSS Infrastructure

Often Program Directors begin as Performance Coaches.  If this is true in your case, you might have only seen the PSS from the perspective of training.  However, there is a lot more to running a successful PSS than just the training aspect of the organization.

There are six key areas that make up the infrastructure of the PSS business.  It is important to think of the overall business and your responsibilities within each of these areas in order to assess progress and troubleshoot issues that may arise from time to time.  The PSS business infrastructure consists of:

  • Business 
  • Training
  • Certification & Maintaining Quality
  • Sales and Retention 
  • Marketing 
  • Leadership and Management 
  • Facility Management



Let’s take a look at each of these more closely and explore how the Program Director responsibilities are a part of each area.


The business of a PSS starts the day the owner decides to buy a license.  In this lesson, the term “business” refers to what the owner can expect as the Return-on-Investment (ROI) after purchasing a Parisi license.  

In some cases, your owner may have already worked with Parisi Support to establish a business plan at the onset.  This plan lays out the projected revenue, programs, number of athletes needed in the various programs, and expense information (including payroll costs and bonuses) for the business.  It is critical to have a firm understanding of the business plan because it is the road map of your owner’s definition of success, as well as a tool for planning your PSS’s future accomplishments.


The Parisi Training Systems is the “product” you are selling at your PSS.  Just like in any other business, when the product is top-notch, the task of selling the product becomes much easier.  

As a Program Director, it is important that you ensure your team is consistently delivering great sessions to engage the athletes and show this value to the parents.

Ensure Certification/Recertification of All Staff

Training excellence and great sessions can’t really be discussed without bringing certification and recertification into the conversation.  Why is it important to ensure that you and your staff are certified and recertified every 2 years?  Quite simply, it’s because the certification process helps guarantee you are delivering training excellence and great sessions!  

There are other benefits to the process that are worth mentioning as well.  Most recertification events are done at the facility.  When a member of the Parisi certification team comes to your facility, the primary objective is to certify your new staff and recertify your existing staff.  

However, there are other goals as well.  Re-energizing and motivating your staff is a key focus, as well as reviewing your programming, space layout, file management system, safety procedures, etc.  All of these activities are included in an effort to help you and your facility become more effective and successful.

Staff Development and Training as a Key Element

As a part of your role as Program Director, you become the head coach and the leader on the floor.  LEADING BY EXAMPLE is the most effective way to ensure that training is being delivered properly in your facility.  

As the leader of your team, training athletes is what will help you earn the respect of your team AND hone your own skills through teaching and serving as head coach.  In this role, you are responsible for providing remedial help to performance coaches.   This includes helping them refine their skills, as well as providing feedback and support on a continual basis.

Training together on a weekly or bi-weekly basis ensures your team is unified in curriculum, language, and delivery.  Team training must be consistent, and expectations of mandatory attendance should be clearly defined as part of each team member’s responsibilities.  

In addition, it is also your responsibility to provide opportunities for continued growth for your staff.  Use this time to build camaraderie, learn from each other by sharing experiences, and continue your staff’s education using the ’Online Education Platform’ and ‘Tips of the Week.’  

These resources provide you with both an outline and foundation for your weekly meetings and workouts.  Additional results of your team training efforts is that you will be building your team’s trust, increasing morale within your facility, and establishing yourself as the team’s leader and expert.

Sales and Retention

Sales and retention of your athletes is the lifeblood of your PSS’s success.  The understanding and management of your sales funnel by tracking your numbers on a daily basis is absolutely critical to being proactive in driving revenue and controlling costs.  

The effective management of your sales process to ensure an 80% closure rate (from evaluation) is also an important piece of this area, as well as maintaining great parent rapport to ensure the retention of your existing athletes.


As with any successful business, your target audience must be aware of your product in order to be interested.  Your marketing efforts are what will drive interested parties into your PSS so you can sell them on your program.  Successful Program Directors are those that understand this concept and embrace it as a part of their daily duties.

Leadership and Management

While often overlooked as a critical component to success, the role of leadership and management is essential.  It is the difference between YOU being successful or your WHOLE TEAM being successful.  

Obviously, success is greater when it results from a team effort instead of an individual one.  You will also find that your job as a Program Director becomes much easier with an effective, successful staff behind you.

Facility Management

Everyone wants to work and train in an environment that is reflective of the pride you have in yourself as an individual.  This last, important area of your PSS’s success is the tangible impression your facility leaves on parents, athletes, staff, and other visitors.  

The proper management of the facility is not only important to your customers, but is also a reflection on you, as the Program Director, so make it a priority to ensure that your PSS always looks professional, organized, and clean.

Your responsibilities in these six areas of the PSS infrastructure are the foundational information discussed throughout this Program Director Mastery Series and the associated training you will receive as a Program Director.  Your focused involvement in this program will ensure that you have the knowledge, skills, tools, resources, and understanding to be successful in running your PSS.  

Before moving onto the next lesson, let’s take a look at two additional factors that contribute to your success as a PSS Program Director – the way others view you, and the way you view (and develop) yourself.



Become the Face of the Parisi Speed School

The Program Director of a Parisi Speed School is essentially the “face” of the business in that particular location.  Since you are the one actively marketing the program in the area, the way you present yourself will dictate the manner in which your speed school is perceived by others.

The Parisi Core Values are the primary factors to consider when becoming the “face” of the Parisi Speed School.  Let’s look at each of these values more closely.

Honest in Relationships

Honesty is the foundation to the success of all long-term relationships: business, social, and personal.  At Parisi, all three types of relationships are part of our culture and have honesty at their core.  

Being truthful and fair, openly disclosing important information, and treating others with the professionalism and courtesy they deserve are all ways of showing honesty in relationships.  Those who are honest in relationships gain respect, and respect is an important element to your personal and professional success.  Remember that it often takes only one misstep to seriously damage an association, so make honesty a priority in every endeavor.

Positive Attitude

Attitude is everything – it governs both the way you perceive the world AND the way the world perceives you!  Yet, maintaining a positive attitude is a choice.  YOU determine your attitude by your thoughts and your thoughts are something you ultimately control.  In addition, the people you associate with the most can often affect your thoughts.  Therefore, be sure to think in a positive manner and associate with positive people and YOU will be positive.  

You also set the climate in your facility by your attitude and a poor climate leads to a poor culture.  Remember, your thoughts determine your actions, your actions determine your outcome, and your outcome determines your destiny!


Excellence in Service

Excellence is something you should strive for every day in all aspects of your personal and business life.  Excellence is synonymous with mastery, which is the never-ending quest to improve ourselves as individuals and as contributors to society. 

The commitment to this quest is what separates the Parisi organization from others in the industry.  It has earned us a nationwide reputation for excellence in service with our athletes, our parents, and within our individual communities.

Each of these core values plays a critical part in how you and your speed school are perceived by others in the community.