4.3 Optimize Session Scheduling

Another important aspect to the success of your PSS is optimizing session scheduling.  When creating your schedule, consider how many sessions your PSS can accommodate at one time, how many coaches you have to teach the sessions, and the demand for specific sessions at any given time slot.  Your schedule should include sessions for:

  • JS 
  • TP Linear Speed
  • TP Multi Directional Speed
  • TP Strength
  • Elite Linear Speed
  • Elite Multi Directional Speed
  • Elite Strength
  • PEAK
  • Camps and Team Training (when applicable)


In addition, ensure you schedule times throughout each day (or at least 2-3 days per week) to conduct evaluations for inquiries.

You will find that scheduling is an “art” (rather than an exact science), and it may take playing around with things to get your school’s scheduling to its optimum level.  In doing so, consider the following scheduling tips:

  • Offer a little bit of everything, every day.  Don’t designate one specific day for certain skills.
  • Do not specify Acceleration or Top Speed for your Linear Speed Classes– just call the session Linear Speed and the let the performance coach decide what skill to focus on with athletes. 
  • Leave room in your schedule for growth!  This allows you to add sessions based on demand or insert camps and PEAK when time is available.
  • Be flexible!  Move sessions around when needed.
  • Designate 8 PM sessions for camps and PEAK.
  • Cap participation in your speed classes at 8 athletes, strength classes at 4 athletes, and PEAK classes at 4 athletes.
  • Ensure all athletes are scheduled for sessions IN ADVANCE by either online scheduling (if available) or calling the facility.