4.3 What’s Your Elevator Speech?

An elevator speech must be quick, clear and concise.  The goal is to peak your customer’s interests, not answer all of their questions or close a sale. That comes later. 

Imagine if you were given a minute in front of a coach you had never talked with before.  What would you say about your team training that would make them want to talk with you some more?  That’s your elevator speech!

Your elevator speech must be short, clear, and contain the following points:

  • Why your team training is unique
  • What your team training offering includes
  • What the benefits of your team training are
  • What the expected results of your team training are
  • Who they might know that is using your team training

When you’re done with your elevator speech, suggest the next step in the process, and ask their permission to take it. Click the link below to read a good example of an elevator speech.

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