4.4 A Lesson From Amazon

Most of the 7.8 billion people on earth are familiar with Amazon.  So, how did they achieve this level of success?  One of the important reasons is that they anticipated what customers wanted and needed BEFORE the customer ever asked.  

You can take a page from Amazon’s playbook and do the same thing when it comes to anticipating the needs and questions of your customers and providing them BEFORE they ask.  Here are some of the general questions most team training customers have:

  • How much does it cost?
  • I already do team training.  Why do I need your team training?
  • Who does your team training?
  • How is your team training better than anyone else’s?
  • Who else have you trained that I might know?
  • My team has unique needs, how do you handle a situation like this ____________?

Include the answers to the most common questions you’re asked in your elevator speech, or have the answers ready if they ask.  It’s important to quickly give concise and direct answers because this adds credibility and builds confidence in your team training.  Click on Parisi’s Anticipated Needs and Questions Worksheet on the bottom left of your screen to help guide you through this thought process.

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Anticipated Needs and Questions Worksheet