5.2 Class Structure

The class structure for the Parisi Pee Wee consists of 4 periods, but only lasts 45 minutes. This curriculum represents structural components of Game Time and Jump Start. If your Parisi Speed School offers either or both of these programs, you will find that the Parisi Pee Wee program can grow into either offering.

There are 4 periods in the 45 minute session. Not all periods are equal in length. While it mirrors aspects of the Parisi signature classes, each section does not directly correlate to a Jump Start or Total Sports Performance class. The majority of the movement and curriculum is located in period 2 and 3. This program will teach critical gross motor skill sets. But it must accomplish this while adapting to the class’ ability to focus. Children ages 4 to 7 must be given clear expectations. These can only be given in intervals. For example, Pee Wee should only be given the expectations for period 1, in period 1. When period 2 begins, they should then be reminded of key expectations (as many are the same throughout the class) for period 2 and the context of those reminders. When a coach reaches Period 3, a coach should circle back to only the relevant lessons for the upcoming period which will include a playful application.