5.2 Identifying Your Customers

Once you feel like you have a handle on the teams in your market, it’s time to identify the customers who you can close, or who can help you close a team training sale.  There are different kinds of customers and until you start interacting with each one, you don’t know how or when they can help you.  

Customers can be put into the following general positions:

  • Coaches
  • Athletic Directors
  • Booster Club Representatives
  • Team Captains/Leaders
  • League Directors/Owners
  • Parents

Each of these customers can be further classified by the following important types: 

  • Training Decision Maker – the person who has the final say as to who will provide their team training to their team
  • Financial Decision Maker the person who has the authority to approve the funding for a team’s training
  • Influencer a person who can influence the training or financial decision maker, but has no decision making power
  • Advocate – a person who is a fan of your team training and the Parisi brand, and is willing to tell the decision maker about how great you are.  Most often these are former athletes or parents of athletes, but can also be other coaches or AD’s who you’ve had a great experience with.

Keep in mind that there might be more than one of these.  For example, a team’s coach might also be both the training and financial decision maker. 

Finding customer contact information can be a bit more challenging than simply finding teams.  Here are some suggestions to help you with your search:

  • Google Search the customer’s name and cell number or email (Example keyword: John Smith cell or John Smith email). Many times you can find it in the “archives” of another website, sports listing or work bio.
  • Go to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and type in the team name, or the town name, and look for all the sports associations listed. This is a great way to direct message them or tag them in your video posts.
  • Look at High School Websites to see if they list coaches and booster club presidents.
  • Look at Town Websites  to see if they list the recreation department’s director or coaches.
  • Look at Sports League Websites. Many of them will have town or team listings you can click on that will show you their board, coaches and administrator’s cell phone numbers and email addresses. 
  • Search Linkedin which is used by many professionals, including coaches and AD’s.

There are also several sites that require a fee, but they are worth the money if you can’t find what you’re looking for on the free sites.  These include:

  • coachesdirectory.com – updated email lists (not 100% accurate but a good start) for your high school sports coaches. (Fee required)
  • leaguelineup.com – search by zip code and/or sport. You will find information for your customer’s on the left hand side to view administration, board, coaches, etc. (Fee required)
  • eteamz.com – type in team name, zip code of town, etc. (Fee required)
  • sportsconnect.com –  subscription based site with youth sports related information. (Fee required)

Please note that many of these websites refrain from listing coaches contact information, but will allow you to click on a “contact us” button to send a message to the coach or team. 

You want to gather as much of the following information as possible for each customer:

  • Full Name and Prefix (Mr., Ms., Dr. etc.)
  • Business Title
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Website URL 
  • Personal Information (name of spouse, kids, hobbies, likes/dislikes)
  • Buying Habits or Hot Buttons

Record all past interactions and awareness marketing promotions that they’ve received.

This information is gathered over time and is not usually completed in a single interaction. Some information, such as personal information, buying habits and hot buttons will come from getting to know your customer and working closely with them.

This information helps you customize your interactions with customers and gives them the impression that you’re on top of your game when you contact them.