5.6 Period 4: The Breakdown & Wrap Up

Period 4 = The Breakdown and Wrap Up
3-5 minutes

  1. Review.
  2. Break it down.

Period 4 is the end of class. Period 1 and 4 are like the covers of a book. Period 2 and 3 represents all the pages between the two covers. Period 4 is a chance to create a closing ritual. This is a great time to test the children on the lesson of the day. I suggest coaches use this time to ask the kids how they enjoyed the game or the drill you practiced. Coaches should remember the feedback the kids provide and make adjustments to future games. Allow the kids to give suggestions on the games and listen to their ideas.

As you close the class down, make sure you include a break down. Offer the kids two break down cheers, ‘ should we say Parisi Pee Wee’s Rock or I love Peanut Butter!’ Pay attention to moments