6.1 Game Time Overview

Youth Game Time is another dynamic Parisi class that will empower America’s youth. Game Time will lead kids through fun exercise programming that will build their confidence and strengthen their character. Game Time classes can be 30 and 45-minute formats that cater to the less athletically ambitious youth. While this class will appeal to a child considered to be less athletic, it does not mean the kids are less athletic than the Jump Start population. There are many children who simply do not like to play sports, yet have a tremendous amount of untapped abilities. The Game Time Parisi coach should be able to discover this potential, harness it and expand it in a fun and motivating way. You will find many Game Time participants will transition to your Jump Start and Total Sports Performance programs after months of positive training experiences led by a Parisi coach. Amazing coaches can accomplish amazing things.

The inception of the Parisi Program was first focused on youth athletes. Over the past decade, our programming has become more inclusive offering motivating classes for children who are not just dedicated to sports. Many children and their families seek out additional conditioning to improve their overall fitness level and core strength (or total body strength). Game Time is another offering in the evolution of the Parisi Program that will improve the health of its participants. It is offered within the Parisi system as a separate program available to kids 8-12 years old. However, some facilities have been successful offering a teen version of this program with the same class organization.

Game Time and Jump Start are not the same class. While they have similar components, share many of the same games and begin with an active dynamic warm up; the Game Time classes are less technical and merge the anchor drills with applications. Game Time classes feature 1-2 skills that are represented by the anchor drills. The Parisi 5 Points of Success still guide coaches when leading these classes, as these will always be the overarching goals when teaching any Parisi movement sessions.
As an industry leader in youth sports performance, the Parisi network has also pioneered curriculum based conditioning classes for kids who are focused on exercise, wellness and fun. These classes are designed to get youth off the sofa, off electronics and into an active lifestyle. This program develops positive exercise habits and nutritional awareness, as well as addressing “off-the-field” challenges facing youth today.

Parisi Game Time uses fun and exciting modalities like medicine balls, resistance bands, partner bodyweight exercises, ladders, plyometrics and yoga. Also incorporated are fundamental Parisi speed training skills and the latest in performance and strength training. These grounded concepts make this program come alive and produce quick results, immediately building confidence and inspiring youth to eagerly return to our coaches.

A well-developed Game Time program can garner several categories of classes. Classes can eventually separate elementary aged kids (8-12years) from tweens/teens (13 to 16 years) . The creation of these subcategories are at the discretion of the facility Owner and Program Director. The goal is to adapt to the local market and provide programming to fill in the gaps. The Parisi Speed School will provide the tools to create excellent Game Time classes and assist facilities with implementing these additional offerings into their program.