7.2 Step 2 – Design Customer Targeted Offerings

Now let’s take a look at Step 2.

We recommend that you develop a minimum of two offerings for a campaign, thus giving your target customer choices. This approach gives you a better chance of providing something of interest and it implies there is flexibility in your offering.

People don’t like to feel like they are lumped into a “general” category, regardless of the situation. So it is important that you customize your offering to the needs of your target customer group.

This customization doesn’t have to be a new program. It can be just a new title that will catch the interest of your target customer or a portion of an existing program that focuses on specific drills associated with a particular sport. Anything that peeks your target customer group’s interest is good.

To develop your offerings, answer the following questions in general about your chosen customer group:

  1. What are areas of opportunity for this customer group?
  2. What type of team training program will be of interest?
  3. What are the priorities related to this customer group’s team training?
  4. What is the best training program structure to meet their needs?
  5. Who are the decision makers?
  6. Will the offering appeal to the decision maker’s priorities as well as the coach?

The answers to these questions should become the basis of your offering.

Your offerings are limited only by your creativity as a sales person and a team training coach.

The decision to use an existing offering and give it a catchy name that will relate to your customer or create a new offering is up to you.

For example, you might have an existing injury prevention offering for basketball customers that you re-name, “Keeping the Team on the Court – Tips and Techniques for Injury Prevention”. Or you might pair that with something like “Rebounding with Explosive Power”, which is a new program you are designing using drills from existing programs.

You’re the expert in designing programming offerings that meet your customer’s needs. This step simply asks you to think about how to “package” your offerings in the most effective way to peek customer’s interest so they reach out to you for more information.

Take a look at our example for Step 2.