7.5 Step 5 – Launch the Campaign

Now let’s take a look at Step 5.

It’s time to put your plan into action. This is where the “wheels fall off of the wagon” in many cases due to a lack of follow-through. Don’t let this happen to you after you have put all the hard work into your campaign. The key is managing your time to ensure that you set aside uninterrupted blocks of time to do what you’ve planned. If that means turning off your phone and sitting in your home office, then do it. Whatever works for you to ensure that you launch your campaign as planned!

From start to finish the planning and launch of an awareness campaign should take about twelve to fifteen hours of time, but this will vary based on the size of your campaign. It is important to remember that the effort you put into a campaign sets the foundation for the rest of the team training marketing and sales process.

Having a campaign, with offerings that are customized to your customer group gives you a foundation that makes all your other actions easier. For example, it is easier to talk with a coach about a more specific offering than general “team training” offering. Even if the offering is not what they need, it’s a more comfortable starting point for you to determine what is needed.

Take a look at our example for Step 5.