8.3 Team Training Calculator

To help you with your quotes, we have developed Team Training Calculator.

This calculator does not provide you with a definitive quote for your team training, but it helps you consider all of the pricing variables and provides you with a suggested range for your quote.

Click here to review the Team Training Calculator.

As you can see, simply answer all of the questions regarding a particular team training opportunity and the calculator crunches the numbers for you.

You ultimately decide what you will quote, which might be within the calculator’s suggested range or might be above or below the range based on the customer and situation.

Again, the purpose of the calculator is to help you develop a quote range, not determine your quote. 

Once you’ve made your decision, you’ll complete the quote in the calculator and prepare it to present to your customer. You should always prepare and provide a written quote to the customer to ensure there are no misunderstandings. It provides a written documentation of your quote.

Keep in mind that the Team Training Calculator is for internal use only. Since it contains sensitive information you don’t what your customer to see, do not send it to your customer to complete.

As you review the Team Training Calculator, notice that there are three tabs in the Excel document.

  • The first tab “Information Sheet” is where you provide the information regarding the planned team training. 
  • The second tab “Profitability Analysis” provides the results and the recommended range for your quote. 
  • The third tab “Customer Pricing Proposal” is the quote that you will present to your customer. 

The calculator is protected, so formulas cannot be accidentally erased.  All yellow cells are places where you are expected to provide information.

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Team Training Calculator