Delivering A Great PeeWee Session

The Parisi Speed School begins by first educating parents, coaches, and athletes. With children 4 to 7 years old, our power to mold their athletic foundation is initiated by our abilities to motivate and inspire. Inspiration and positive coaching will help AMerica’s youth develop skill sets to take on life’s challenges and build a strong character. The Parisi Speed School program helps children become more confident and develop into better people.

Athletic Performance For PeeWees: 

  1. Functional Movement Mechanics 
  2. Relative Body Weight Strength
  3. Coordination
  4. Acceleration & Deceleration 
  5. Rudimentary Plyometrics

 Life Skills For PeeWees:

  1. Honesty 
  2. Work Ethic 
  3. Self-Discipline 
  4. Confidence 
  5. Focus
  6. Leadership 
  7. Teamwork

Parisi coaches cultivate better athletes who are more confident individuals.  From the moment a child starts walking they are building critical gross motor skills and strength. The Parisi Pee Wee program is building a child’s athletic potential. Parisi coaches also instill health and exercise principles as touchstones in the lives of young people. The best Parisi coaches are like artists. They sculpt a young person’s movement foundation using their passion along with positive coaching and energy.  This is all funneled through our curriculum, teaching a child movement literacy to help them become a confident person.

Session Delivery: Most of it is in the Delivery

The Parisi Training System has been developed by spending millions of dollars and thousands of hours defining research and experimenting with practical application. The Parisi Training System has produced results with over 1 million young athletes, including thousands of college and professional athletes. But one of the biggest secrets to our success with so many athletes has been our adherence to the Parisi vision and value system.

It does not matter if you remain dedicated to only the Pee Wee aged student, all Parisi coaches must deliver positive training sessions if you expect to have a positive impact on the culture of America’s youth.  By delivering sessions to children starting at 4-7 years you have an unbelievable power of influence to truly shape their self-awareness and athletic intellect.  Teaching young elementary aged children is significant as your Pee Wee training sessions may be their only exposure to learning how to move their bodies correctly. 

Many people and organizations think they understand the principles and techniques behind the Parisi Training System. They believe that they can reproduce our same results. We feel this is untrue.  This manual is a tool to deliver the Parisi Training System to future coaches. It will teach a coach the movements, drills and systems. However, it is the Parisi Master Coaches, peer-to-peer coaching, and ongoing required education that teaches our coaches HOW to deliver this information. A coach at Parisi is not known for what they know about training; they are known for how well they can deliver this knowledge enthusiastically and consistently. That’s what separates them from others in the industry.

Before learning training techniques, coaches must first cover a number of preconditions of understanding that will ensure these techniques are properly taught. The preconditions to our physical training are as follows:

  1. The value and impact of a coach’s body language. 
  2. The importance of voice intonation. 
  3. The skill of interpreting a student’s body language.
  4. The skill of positive coaching.