2.1 Managing your Sales Funnel

Few things are more important than the daily management of your PSS sales funnel.  The sales funnel is a measuring stick and crystal ball all rolled up into one.  It tells you what you need to reach your sales goals, guides you toward the efforts needed to achieve them, and predicts the outcomes!

Understand the Sales Funnel

A funnel allows you to put something into the top and get something out of the bottom in a slightly different form.  The same principle applies here.  To ensure you reach the sales goals set for your PSS revenue streams (such as EFT contracts, session packages, and camp/team trainings), you must first look at what is going into the top of the funnel.  

Graphically, a PSS sales funnel might look something like this:

As you can see, marketing efforts drive “prospects” or inquiries into the top of the funnel, resulting in future sales coming out at the bottom.  In the next lesson, you will learn specific ways you can increase the number of inquiries and “fill your funnel” on a daily basis.  For now, let’s focus on the overall process and how you can utilize this principle in becoming a successful Program Director.


The top of your funnel, as indicated below, is really focused on marketing.  Driving leads into your funnel from various promotional marketing efforts and using outbound calling to turn those leads into inquires is what this portion of the funnel is all about.

Once a lead turns into an inquiry, the sales process kicks in and moves a prospective inquiry from initial contact through closure (or loss of the sale).