Milestones Of The 4-7 Year Old PeeWee

A cornerstone of the Parisi Pee Wee program is enhancing the overall gross motor development of the child.  Gross motor skills use the large muscles in the body for balance, coordination, reaction and physical strength. Walking, jumping and running are considered gross motor skills.  Gross motor skills are needed for functional movements and everyday tasks.  Gross motor skills require the support of fine motor skills and vice versa.  However, fine motor skills require a higher degree of control and precision.  They rely on the smaller muscles and connective tissue.  Examples of these movements include holding a fork, holding a pencil, catching a ball, tying your shoes and even threading a lace.  When a child is being evaluated for fine motor skills often it focuses on coloring and writing skills.  Parisi Pee Wee classes are designed around the gross motor skills of the age group of your class.  Classes will integrate activities that use fine motor skills.  Examples of this include running and picking up a cone, or running and stacking a cone.  

Every day lessons

  • There’s no tattling.
  • Everyone waits their turn.
  • Everyone must stay in their lane.
  • Only one person can run at a time (in a lane).
  • Everyone must keep their hands to themself.
  • Everyone must follow the instructions.
  • It is important to stop your body.
  • Everyone returns to the end of the line.
  • Stay on your position marker.

Expectations of a 4-year old’s gross motor skills

  • Can run, jump and climb well.
  • Beginning to skip. 
  • Hops proficiently on one foot  
  • Can do hopscotch once taught.  
  • Catches a ball reliably.  
  • Begins somersaults.
  • Can still crawl on the ground.

Expectations of a 5-year old’s gross motor skills

  • Standing on one leg for 5 seconds
  • Imitating simple bilateral movements (i.e. both arms over head)
  • Walking up and down steps/stairs with alternating feet
  • Climbing on jungle gyms and ladders
  • Kicking a ball forward
  • Throwing a ball overarm
  • Catching a ball on a bounce with both hands
  • Walking on tiptoes.
  • Walking along a line.
  • Hopping on one foot.
  • Jumping over an object and landing feet together.
  • Walk backwards.
  • Dance and laugh.

Expectations of a 6-year old’s gross motor skills

  • Standing on one leg for 10 seconds.
  • Kicking a ball.
  • Walking up stairs while holding an object.
  • Walking backwards heel-toe.
  • Jumping forward 10 times without falling.
  • Skipping forward after teaching.
  • Running around obstacles.
  • Hanging from a bar for 5 seconds.
  • Walking a line.
  • Hopping on one foot.

Expectations of a 7-year old’s gross motor skills

  • Running smoothly with arms in proper contralateral form.
  • Running around obstacles while keeping balance.
  • Kicking a ball with good accuracy.
  • Walking backwards heel-toe.
  • Walking on a balance beam.
  • Hanging from a bar for at least 10 seconds.
  • Using a jump rope when taught.
  • Riding a bike.