The Adaptation of Parisi’s Core Philosophy

As you learned in the Parisi Coaching Certification, the Parisi Training System was built for developing athletes from age 7 to 18. When it comes to the Parisi PeeWee program, we take the same core philosophy and foundation and zero in on our youngest age group of 4-7 year olds.

Please note the differences in our Core Culture, Core Competency, Core Values, and Core Mission.



Clear | Simple | Honest | Repeat


Nurturing | Positive | Patient | Reminders


Contagious | Motivating | Creative | Reroute


Adaptable | Organized |Defined | Redirect

Core Competency

Adaptation of our signature speed and strength training to the 4 to 7 year old child. Always acknowledging the gross motor capabilities while elevating the pure spirit of a child. Staying connected to our pure goal as a community, to raise youth athletes in a positive training environment.

Core Values

Honest so we build trust. Positive so we build confidence. Excellent so we build skills.

“Everything you need to know in life, you learned in kindergarten.”

Parisi Core Values

Honest in Relationships 

Honesty is the foundation of all successful relationships. This is how Parisi coaches build trust.  By building trust with our students and families our relationships have the best potential to thrive and grow. 

Positive in Attitude 

A positive attitude is a choice. Your attitude is determined by your thoughts, and your thoughts are something that you ultimately control.  Associate with positive people and you will be positive. Parisi is a positive organization. 

Excellence in Service 

Excellence is something we strive for every day in all aspects of our personal lives and business. Excellence is synonymous with mastery in that it can never be completely achieved. But the art of constantly improving and striving for excellence is what separates members of our organization from the rest. Mastery is the never-ending quest to improve ourselves as individuals and as contributors to our communities. The commitment to this quest is what separates the Parisi organization from others.

Parisi Core Mission

The Parisi core mission is about changing the culture of America’s youth. We believe that America’s youth lack the mental and physical focus that was present 30 years ago. Simply said, our youth have become soft and we, as performance coaches and fitness practitioners, need to do something about it. Necessary changes are not happening in the physical education system of our schools or being done by the coaches of America’s youth sports leagues. Parisi is committed to leading the sports performance industry by consistently providing the necessary education and motivation to mentor and develop America’s top coaches.