Learn how to build injury resiliency with your athletes from the best in the world.

Are you up to date on the latest research for building injury resiliency in athletes? If not, you could be promoting injury, not reducing it. With this FREE clinic held at your location, you will arm your athletes with the latest scientific evidence and best practices for reducing injury and accelerating performance in players of all skill levels.


Is Your Team Injury Resilient?

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What to Expect

  • Comprehensive Sparta ScanTM for every athlete
    • Scientifically identify strengths and weakness in the athlete’s upper and lower extremities
  • Evidence-based methods for enhancing injury resilience, performance and recovery in athletes
  • The Parisi Active Dynamic Warmup, backed by 25+ years of data, shown to increase blood flow, improve strength, conditioning, dynamic flexibility, balance and coordination, decrease the chance of injury, and work on technical running form
  • Training strategies for offseason, pre-season and in-season to support athlete health and longevity

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Learn How to Protect Your Athletes from Concussions, ACL, Soft Tissue, Overuse Injuries & More

Sparta Science is an industry leading solution for reducing injuries and optimizing performance with validated scientific assessments. Sparta’s force plate software is used to quickly predict, diagnose, and prescribe personalized plans that reduce any physical limitations to improve an individual’s availability to play and overall performance.

How It Works


Validated scientific assessments determine an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Step onto FORCE PLATE
  2. Perform 3 Vertical Jumps
  3. End in a Landing Position


The Sparta Software compares an athlete’s results to the robust Sparta database and delivers actionable insights.


Validated workout prescriptions are tailored to each athlete to reduce injury and improve athletic performance.

Quick Start Guide

Case Study: Washington Redskins

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In 2018, the Washington Redskins partnered with Sparta to help overcome their challenges. While using the Sparta System, Washington’s staff found that the platform served as a connective language between sports science, strength and conditioning, and athletic training. By using the Sparta System before workouts, players were tracked throughout the year and adjustments are implemented quickly. “The thing Sparta does for us is it allows us to talk across all lines between athletic trainers, sports science, and strength staff in one verbiage. You have to be able to assess, diagnose, and then prescribe,” says Director of Player Recovery, Hutch Call. “The big thing with Sparta is it gives you feedback right away, and a guy can get going on what he needs to do right now”