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Youth Training System

The Parisi Youth Training System has a history of success of more than 20 years.  Why?  Because we see every youth as an athlete; whether you are a serious athlete looking to get better or just wanting to get fit and have fun doing it, the Parisi Youth Training System has a program for you.  Join over 600,000 athletes and youth who have allowed Parisi to change their lives both on the field and off. MORE>

Team Training

Parisi has been training teams for success for over 20 years.  Our proven PM4 methodology has helped coaches and teams from all sports improve their game, increase their record, and win the big one!  Using many of the same techniques our founder used to train professional teams, as well as prepare aspiring athletes for combine, we can help your team benefit from his proven success.  MORE>


Whether you're already in the industry or have a passion for fitness and youth, Parisi ownership may be the best decision you make.  With a variety of models to fit your situation and needs, you get the best of all worlds…own your business, an unparalleled business support system and team to help you succeed and inclusion in a network of over 85 locations making us the national brand for youth fitness. MORE>