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The Parisi Sports Performance Certification is a three (3) day, educational training event that focuses on the sports performance training philosophy and methodologies of Parisi Training Systems. The goal of the event is to have owners and managers in the sports performance industry, as well as coaches and trainers, gain an understanding of our training principles through classroom and hands-on instruction. 

The following outlines certification and coaching designations for attendees:

  • Parisi Sports Performance Coach Certification valid for 1 year 


  • Individual Coach: $1,500

  • Facility: $4,000*

* Limit 4 coaches. Does not require each coach to attend the same Sports Performance Certification

Topics Include…

  • Parisi History and Culture
  • The Basics of Running Mechanics
  • Active Dynamic Warm-Up
  • Running Progression
  • The Science of Speed
  • The Basics of Acceleration
  • The Basics of Maximum Speed
  • Strength Training for Speed
  • The Basics of Multi-Directional Speed
  • Introduction to the Evaluation
  • Advanced Speed Training
  • Advanced Strength Training for Speed
  • Overview of Advanced Programming and Customization
  • Positive Coaching
  • Team Training

Prep Course & Attendee Requirements

In order to better prepare attendees, a Pre-Workshop, online course on PTS methods and applications, is required to be completed, prior to the arrival for a Parisi Sports Performance Certification. This course includes:

  • Modules on the Parisi History, Culture and Mission, Parisi Program Overview, and a first look into the Parisi Training Systems methodologies for the Active Dynamic Warm-Up, Acceleration, Maximum Speed, Multi-Directional Speed, and Strength Training for Speed.
  • Access to study guides and resources, as it pertains to above Online Modules
  • Quizzes and Exams, designed to gauge competency and understanding of lessons learned in Prep Course

Participation in the Parisi Sports Performance Certification is conditioned upon Attendee(s) satisfying all of the following requirements:

  • Are an individual coach or fitness facility seeking to further its continuing education by learning more about youth sports performance
  • Have a maximum of four (4) attendees participating in Education
  • All attendees are to register no later than two (2) week prior to any Parisi Sports Performance Certification
  • Must attend a Parisi Sports Performance Training Certification within six (6) months of signing the NDA
  • Completion of Prep Course, which includes watching all videos and taking all tests, before attending
  • Failure to adhere to above requirements will result in individuals not being able to attend event and forfeiture of Attendance Fee
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