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Why Parisi?

We don't just offer speed training, improved athletic performance and injury resilience, we offer the sense of belonging, self-confidence, and personal growth that comes with it. If you want your athlete to train with the best sports performance program in the world, the Parisi Speed School is the place to be. Parisi has been the industry leader in sports performance training for 30+ years, helping more than 1 million athletes of all ages and abilities become faster, stronger, more confident, and mentally tougher. 


The Parisi Evaluation

Until an athlete knows his or her current level of ability, it is impossible to realistically recommend programming, create goals and monitor progress. The Parisi Performance Evaluation is critical to every athlete in our program in order to assess the current level of an athlete’s ability and place the athlete in the correct class.



The evaluation is completed for all entering athletes from ages 7-18. The Parisi Performance Evaluation is critical to every athlete in our program for four main reasons:

  • Assesses the current level of an athlete’s ability
  • Allows proper placement in our variety of programming
  • Provides individualized coaching and focus
  • Records and monitors progress toward success


The Parisi Performance Evaluation is mandatory for every athlete who enters the Parisi program. During the evaluation, athletes are taught our signature Active Dynamic Warm-Up, are examined during our Running Analysis procedure, and tested in a battery of physical speed and strength movements. After the evaluation, every athlete and parent meets individually with the Evaluator to review the results and select the appropriate program that fits the athlete’s needs.

*No Evaluation Required for the "Game Time" program.

Youth Sports Training Programs


Where Do You Stand?

If you are between the ages of 7-18, step up to the starting line and see where you stack up by taking the ultimate athletic skills test… the Parisi Nation Challenge. Here, athletes will participate in a variety of drills testing speed, agility, explosiveness, and strength, such as the 10-yard and 20-yard sprint, vertical and broad jump, and 5-10-5.

By taking part, athletes will be able to identify areas where they have improved since enrolling in the program, while at the same time, receive feedback on how they can continue developing their game and compete against athletes not only at their facility, but all over the country.

There is no cost to Parisi Nation Challenge but we do require that athletes bring their “A,” game and a desire to leave their mark on the combine course. To participate in the Parisi Nation Challenge, find and contact your local Parisi Speed School.


Youth Sports Training FAQ's

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Specialty Training Options

Combine Performance

Parisi Speed School helps athletes in various sports show their best at athletic combines across the country. 

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Team Training

Parisi has been training teams for success for over 30 years. Our proven methodology has helped coaches and teams from all sports improve their game, increase their record, and win the big one!

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You Won't Regret Investing In Their Confidence and Athleticism


Mitch Smith

My son, Brady, was offered a full scholarship to play hockey at the University of Wisconsin Madison. I can't tell you how much the training he received from the Parisi System helped in his development. The 6 years he trained in the program truly set him apart from others. The training also allowed the two of us to spend a lot of time together as father and son, creating an incredible bond.

Mollie Gribbin

From my first free trial Parisi session, to the speed and acceleration work, to my one-on-one lifting sessions, I’ve learned just as much about myself as a person and athlete as I have about the health side of my sport. I can push myself to reach new levels and meet high goals all while working out in a fun environment.


We Also Offer Virtual Coaching!

Now, from anywhere around the globe, you can join the Train to Win team and get access to 5 days of training each week so that when it's time to compete, you're at your absolute PEAK.