Take Your Coaching and Business To The Next Level

Whether you’re already in the industry or have a passion for fitness and youth, joining the Parisi Network may be the best decision you make. With a variety of license models, education, and certifications to fit your situation and needs, you get the best of all worlds… your own business with an unparalleled team of 600+ coaches to help you succeed in a network of over 100 locations, making you part of the national brand for youth fitness.


Why Parisi?

Parisi affiliates enjoy a vast array of benefits from a company with over 30 years in the youth sports performance business. Our proven program model allows affiliates to tap into the ever-growing youth sports market by:

  • Turning a passion for empowering youth and fitness into a profitable career
  • Beginning a youth sports training program with instant credibility, an established concept, a reputable brand name, and a nationally recognized professional athlete client list
  • Standing out from the crowed with proprietary and proven sports training methodologies that increase performance and promotes injury resilience
  • Utilizing turn-key business systems with a proven track record

Impact the Athletes in Your Community with Your Own Sports Training Program

Whether you are an established health club owner, entrepreneur, personal trainer, or performance coach, Parisi Speed School can be the solution for you.

For Club Owners

  • Create a new marketing and revenue stream for your club
  • Increase your club’s foot traffic that drives revenue through membership retention, an upsurge in family memberships, juice bar operations, supplement and apparel sales, and adult personal training
  • Add a new and exciting training offering to your club that creates a “buzz” and a public relations opportunity in your community
  • Set yourself up for success with the support of the Parisi team

Establish a point of differentiation in your market with a proven sports training system that allows you not to be dependent on just one superstar trainer to run and operate your program.

For New and Existing Independent Owners

  • Don’t go it alone! Be a part of a strong network of more than 100 locations with support, education and training assistance every step of the way
  • Be unique on your block! No other organization offers the history, level of training and reputation in youth sports performance like Parisi
  • Be your own boss! Own your own business with the support of the Parisi team behind you.
  • Utilize established business and training systems that have already been proven and tested over time

Take control of your destiny and follow the path to a rewarding career.  Wake up every day knowing that you are making a difference and doing something that you love.

For Trainers & Coaches

  • Further your knowledge of sports performance training to become the coach you aspire to be
  • Capitalize on Parisi’s cutting-edge training and education platforms in order to give your athletes a foundation for success
  • Connect with a network of 600+ sports performance coaches to share experiences, training philosophy and best practices
  • Develop a supplemental training business that is designed to meet your present and future needs

Take your passion to the next level as an Independent Parisi Sports Performance Coach. Our program is designed to maximize your athletes’ potential and performance, while at the same time making you a more well-rounded coach.


Mission, Support, & Education

Backed by 30+ years of experience and brand recognition. Hear what Parisi Affiliates have to say.


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Passionate about youth sports? Looking to operate a sports training program that will improve the lives and self-esteem of young athletes? Parisi Speed School is the best program for working with youth to improve their athleticism, speed, agility, and confidence.

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