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Training with a focus on proper strength foundation and proven techniques to increase speed and agility for any sport, The Parisi Speed School of Parsippany provides an exceptional youth performance training program backed up by science. Our attention to detail inside a semi-private group training setting set us apart from the rest. Our unique three-lane, 30-yard track, 25-yard turf field, and 20-yard strength section are used for our nationally renowned sports performance training program that has seen hundreds of athletes make it professional in nearly every sport. At Parisi of Parsippany, our highly educated staff stays committed to implementing cutting-edge sports training and knowledge & continues to provide exceptional service to all our athletes & clients.

We help improve:

Linear Speed – HOW to run faster by focusing on running mechanics, i.e. what to do with your arms and how they help, proper posture during acceleration vs top speed phase, how to drive your knees, and where the foot should be hitting the ground, etc.

Change of Direction – how to decelerate, stop, cut, and transition to a new direction without losing speed or balance.  How to better produce power, especially from the hips/legs to improve kicking strength, lateral quickness, and explosive power on a sprint

Strength – education on body mechanics and awareness while promoting joint stability and strengthening good habits and movement patterns for improved athletic movement and injury resilience.  This is age and ability appropriate

Location Info

Parisi Speed School of Parsippany

33 Baldwin Rd
Inside the Police Athletic League Building
Parsippany NJ, 07054

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Learn more about the Parisi training programs and view the frequently asked questions on the Athletes page, or view our training schedule on our WellnessLiving page! We offer Jump Start (Grades 2-5), Total Performance 1 (Grades 6-8), Total Performance 2 (Grades 9-12), and Adult Training (18+).


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Payment plans are available. Requires a credit card to be kept on file. Payments are automatically drawn on consecutive months. Please inquire for more information.

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