Affiliate Highlight: Beast Training Academy

spotlight Dec 20, 2023

Joe Regan, Owner of Beast Training Academy in New Lenox, IL, has over 25 years of experience in the fitness industry and holds numerous Certifications  – TRX, SPIN, PTontheNet, WITS, and Mad Dogg Athletic. 

An athlete himself, Joe played D3 football after winning his high school championship. After only one year of college, he found his most valuable ā€‹was actually under a coaches cap and he became a high school coach at only 19 years old. He continued coaching high school and 8th grade football for the next 10 years, during which time he began a weight loss journey of his own after reaching 300lbs.

In the process of getting his personal training Certification, Joe lost 70lbs by applying the new knowledge and skills and he gained. Only one years after beginning his personal training career, Joe opened a SPIN and TRX studio, followed by a larger retail gym, which ultimately led him to take over Beast Training Academy in 2022.

It was at this point that Joe met Katalin Rodriguez-Ogren, Owner of POW! Gym and Parisi Chicago, and he was introduced to the Parisi Speed School. The next year, Joe joined the Parisi Affiliate Network and moved Beast Training Academy into a larger warehouse location, implementing the Parisi program as a top priority.

Joe’s experience at the Parisi Certification in Fair Lawn was the best of any ā€‹Certification he’s attended.

“I love that the Parisi Certification focused heavily on COACHING. Knowledge is important, but when it comes to motivating kids, it’s the skill of being a COACH.”ā€‹

Joe returned ā€‹from the Certification inspired to implement the Parisi structure at Beast Academy, which resulted in an immediate reliable monthly EFT within only the first month of operation.

“Utilizing Parisi the resources has been key in launching the program strong as a sole owner-operator. The evaluation is priceless. Using the results to easily place athletes in the appropriate classes backed by data.”

After only a few months in the Parisi Network, Joe already plans to open a second location within the next two years! We can’t wait to see his community grow and his athletes reach new heights.