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Every year at the NFL Combine, Strength Coaches from all 32 teams gather for a day of continued education delivered by some of the top experts and researchers in the world. Coach like a Pro with access to the same education they receive – two incredible online courses meant to build stronger, faster, more injury resilient athletes, no matter the sport.


Dive into 30+ hours of content. Earn CEUs. Improve athlete outcomes.

Two Courses, One Great Deal
*Updated in 2023 with 2 hours of NEW education*
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Elite Athletic Performance
and Programming
$299 | 14 hours of Content

1. Latest Research in Running Mechanics, Speed Development & Agilities
Presented by: Dr. Ken Clark

2. Strength Training to Improve Connective Tissue Health & Performance
Presented by: Dr. Keith Baar

3. Fascia Training: A Whole System Approach
Presented by: Bill Parisi

4. Fascia Training to Optimize Performance
Presented by: Dr. Robert Schleip & Michol Dalcourt

5. Velocity Based Training
Presented by: Dr. Bryan Mann

6. Dosage Prescription Strategies for Off-Season, Pre-Season and In-Season Training Scenarios
Presented by: Derek Hansen

7. Supplements with the Greatest Impact on Pre-Workout, Performance, and Recovery
Presented by: Eric Rawson, PhD, FACSM


Injury Resilience for
High-Performance Athletes
$299 | 19 hours of Content

1. Sport Injuries: Patterns,Trends & Current Thinking
Presented by: Dan Pfaff

2. The Anatomy of Hamstring Injuries & Prevention
Presented by: Dr. Bryan Heiderscheit, Dr. David Opar, Dr. Silvia Blemker, Dr. Ryan Timmins & Dr. Jack Hickey

3. ACL Injury/Re-Injury Prevention: Why Monitoring Concentric/Eccentric Force Asymmetries Matters
Presented by: Matt Jordan

4. Enhancing Injury Resilience & Performance: A Spine Perspective
Presented by: Stuart McGill & Brian Carroll

5. Speed-Based Knee Rehab & Return to Play Protocols
Presented by: Irving “Boo” Schexnayder

6. Who Owns Pain and Range of Motion?
Presented by: Dr. Kelly Starrett

7. Collision vs. Combat: Building Performance-Impacting Training Systems for the ‘Full-Contact’ Athlete


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