The Training Method Backed by Science

Are you a high school athlete that plays volleyball, basketball, football, or any of the high-jump sports looking compete at the collegiate level? Are you a parent or coach that is looking to set their athlete apart from the rest? Then we have the program for you!

Parisi Speed School brings you the proven training methodology that could add 3-6 inches to your current vertical jump max!

You may think it is no longer possible to improve your vertical jump at the advanced point of your athletic career. The Vertical Jump Training Course gives you a blueprint for proper training, diving into the aspects of each phase and providing specific exercises to help you improve. All of these components come together to create a vertical jump that exceeds expectations.

Put it all together with the 9-Week Vertical Jump Training Program, included with purchase! This program includes 3 training phases, with 3 levels of difficulty – great for athletes of all abilities!


Vertical Jump Training Library

The Vertical Jump Training Course features 20 informative videos that explore the 3 phases of the vertical jump:

  • The Eccentric Loading Phase
    • The importance of your first phase (determining how high you can jump), focusing on aggressively pulling down to the ground fast to load the jump.
  • The Explode Phase
    • The transition of the jump, concentrating on keeping the force from the load phase to be transferred into the jump through a strong core.
  • The Drive Phase
    • Bring it all together, maximizing force with triple extension, getting off the ground, and jumping higher than ever before.

Reach the Next Level

Parisi Speed School Founder, Bill Parisi, along with vertical jump expert, LJ Mattraw, give you the tools and tips necessary to create an outstanding vertical jump. This video series gives athletes specific training protocols with a hyperfocus on each phase.

With access to the Vertical Jump Training Course, you’ll gain exclusive insights not provided by other programs, such as:

  • The aspects to improve each of the 3 jump phases
  • Specific exercises that will help to increase the height of your jump
  • Understanding the science behind the vertical jump
  • 9-week Vertical Jump training program with 3 levels of difficulty – great for athletes of all abilities!


Sign up for the Vertical Jump Training Course today to unlock access to 20 training videos backed by the data of the Sparta Science Force Plate, PLUS the 9-week Vertical Jump Training Program. This cutting-edge program is the best way to truly improve your vertical jump!