Take Your Team To The Next Level

Parisi has been training teams for success for over 25 years. Our proven PM4 methodology has helped coaches and teams from all sports improve their game, increase their record, and win the big one! Using many of the same techniques our founder used to train professional teams, as well as prepare aspiring athletes for the combine, we can help your team benefit from his proven success.


Coaching Is About Teaching The Right Fundamentals

Parisi Method 4 (PM4) is another revolutionary approach from Bill Parisi. PM4 incorporates four fundamental and essential elements that are proven to be game-changers for coaches who are serious about team training, reducing the chance of injury, reaching their physical potential, all while building confidence and bolstering team unity.

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The Foundation of PM4 Team Training

Building Team Unity in the Offseason

There’s no question that team unity is an extraordinary differentiator among winners in the sporting world. While creating this strong bod among players is not a Parisi methodology, we have found team unity to be a highly-desired outcome of increased performance. But here’s the catch: many coaches overlook the off-season as a time to keep their teams together, connected physically and mentally.

Certified Parisi Sports Performance Coaches work with teams at every level, in all sports.

Get In The Game

If you’re looking for that special edge – an explosive advantage that will get your team faster, stronger and more confident – find a Parisi Speed School near you to learn more. Join the growing ranks of coaches and other fitness professionals who are taking advantage of our team training and conditioning methods that have become nationally recognized as the leader in performance training.

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