2. The PeeWee Program Overview

The Parisi Speed School program has evolved over the past 25+ years. The catalyst for its amazing growth has been always using the latest research in the sport sciences. Parisi coaches have literally traveled the globe to bring back the best training techniques and tools in the world. The growth of the Parisi Speed School program is not arbitrary. It has been intentional every step of the way. Our Master coaches sift through research constantly, adding to and updating our training principles so they remain relevant and teachable. This strategy is used monthly as we continue to offer our network constantly updated education that is based on the latest proven scientifically peer-reviewed research. This is how the Parisi system continues to move forward influencing and shaping the science of coaching speed worldwide. As everyone knows, every athlete is unique. However, the combination of the Parisi Speed School methods and the dedication of our coaches has led to our success with over 1,000,000 athletes.

Every young athlete only has so many movements in their motor “vocabulary.” If this “vocabulary” is limited, they will only be able to call upon a few movements when playing their sport. With early elementary-aged children, their vocabulary has not even been formed.  While some may have been exposed to soccer or gymnastic classes, the Parisi Pee Wee coach has the opportunity to be a child’s first exposure to athletic movement.  This is a true honor!  

When looking across the numerous Parisi Speed School social media channels you will find most feature the older athletes.  Often high school and college level athletes already have ingrained movement patterns.  Parisi coaches focus a lot of their time on correcting and ‘rewiring’ how they move.  The beauty of working with elementary aged children is that you get to literally build their movement patterns from scratch.  This program is catered to teaching the 4-7 year old child, but the impact you have on any elementary aged athlete is enormous since they are highly moldable.

The Parisi Speed School program focuses on helping all athletes develop the proper techniques for relative body weight strength, acceleration, deceleration, maximum and multidirectional speed, as well as jumping and landing skills (referred to as plyometric movement patterns).   

During all Parisi Speed School sessions we are enhancing a child’s athletic intellitect. Our coaches motivate and teach so as they develop their athletic interests and experience that have the tools needed to be successful.  We strive to keep youth sports alive and accessible to children everywhere. 

The Parisi Speed School system offers classes for athletes of all ages.  Here is a look at our programs and age groups. 

  • Parisi Pee Wee: 4 to 7 years old
  • Game Time: 7-12 years old
  • Jump Start: 7-12 years old
  • Total Sports Performance : 12-15 years old
  • Elite Training: 14-22 years old
  • PEAK: 11+ years of age