3.1 Understanding Your Marketing Plan

Before discussing the various marketing opportunities, it is critical to talk about the importance of developing a marketing plan for your PSS for the Calendar Year.  Putting a formal plan together helps alleviate knee-­‐jerk decisions and enables your promotional efforts time to take effect and work. Once the plan is in place, you also have a vision of your PSS’s marketing strategy in the months that lie ahead.

12-Month Marketing Plan

You might not have heard the term “12-month marketing plan” previously, but it is important. It is used to indicate a continuous marketing plan for the next twelve months. Each month is segmented into specific market segments you need to reach, as well as the specific tasks you need to perform to reach that audience.   Those tasks might be sending out an email about a specific promotion, making phone calls to lead sources or planning for upcoming months.

After initial development, you simply plan the promotional efforts each month for the same month during the next calendar year. For example, when using this plan, you will execute the same tasks in January of the current year, as you would in January of the previous year. By continually adding a month to the end of the plan, you are always plotting for twelve months out.

Note that some franchises find that planning promotions twelve months out is too difficult to predict, so they use a six-­‐month planning cycle instead.  It’s fine if you feel that a six-month plan would work better for your business.  However, given that external promotions such as team marketing, need four months of lead time, you have to stay on top of the plan at all times. Otherwise, you might miss a critical time period for camps / team training.

Rolling plans allow you to continuously plot your next steps. Although you may not be laying out all the details of a promotion, the outline will assist you in a well-rounded marketing promotions program, thus avoiding gaps that could lead to lost revenue.

In order to help you with your marketing efforts, Parisi Corporate has developed a 12-Month Marketing Plan that assists you in planning your marketing activities. This resource gives you a picture of what areas of the business you should be focusing on during a given month and what marketing tasks you should be performing. Supplemental Marketing Kits, as well as Monthly Promotions have been created and are available on the Parisi Resource site to help with these efforts. Each Marketing Kit and Monthly Promotion includes customizable email templates, flyers, social media posts and a marketing schedule, to make outreach activities easier to manage.


Now, let’s look at the specific opportunities you have as a Program Director to strategically market and promote your PSS.