3.2 Internal Marketing Efforts

Membership and Team Training

As a Program Director, it is important to identify the programs you are trying to build at your PSS, which in most cases, are geared toward Membership and Team Training. Promotions can be geared toward internal or external audiences – and BOTH types are critical to your success.

The great thing is that ALL of these audiences are already a part of the Parisi 12- Month Marketing Plan, making it easy to perform outreach to all the groups above.

In addition, marketing collateral has been created to aid in the promotion of both membership and team training at your location. Under the Marketing Kits and Monthly Promotion tabs on the training store, you will find numerous marketing kits designed to promote your speed school and your programs.

Membership Marketing Efforts

Membership Marketing for a PSS involves monthly programs targeted to individuals buying and renewing memberships, packages, and/or personal training. The potential audiences for these marketing efforts are:

  • Lost Leads/Expired PSS Athletes
  • Existing Health Club Members who have children (if applicable)
  • Parent Rapport/Athlete Referrals
  • New Leads


A membership promotional effort could apply to one or all of these audiences depending on the actual promotion itself.

Strive to run one of these programs (or an internal program of your own) every month to ensure business success.

When running a membership promotion, make sure the program is VERY visible not only inside of your PSS, but also within the larger club or sports-­‐plex you are associated with (if applicable). It is also imperative that outbound marketing efforts, such as emails, phone calls, etc. are performed, in order to reach the target audience. Remember that the more people that see and hear about the promotion, the more results it will produce.


Team Training Marketing

Team Training Marketing for a PSS is focused the training of high school, middle school, club and recreation teams of any sport. This type of promotional effort is therefore directed at coaches, league managers, after‐school directors, etc.  As already mentioned, these usually produce a high-volume of revenue, especially in down months when traditionally, membership revenue is at its lowest.

One of the major differences between internal and external marketing efforts is that external promotions must start four months in advance of when you want the camp or team training to take place. The reason for this advanced planning is that if you wait until a month or so before you want to host the training, chances are great you will find that parents (or the team) have already booked their training elsewhere. This is a key reason why advanced planning is important.

While every market has its own nuances, use the following general guidelines for determining when you should be targeting specific sports at your PSS.