3.3 External Marketing Efforts

Community Outreach, Awareness and Speaking


Community Outreach Events

Now that you know what you should be promoting and to who, the question is how do you get leads?

Community outreach events can be a secret weapon for creating awareness about your PSS to the masses. Utilizing interactive games, challenges, competitions, etc. will engage your audiences and provide you the opportunity to educate the public on what your PSS can do for parents and their children, as well as gathering contact information (leads).

Remember that there are no “wrong” audiences. The key is to “do your homework” and customize your presence at community events to fit their interest. Don’t limit yourself by turning down an opportunity without first testing it out. You may be surprised by the results! For example, you might initially hesitate to get involved with an event through the local Rotary Club, as it is primarily comprised of men in their 60’s (not your target audience). However, by attending, you meet the Superintendent of the local elementary school district and he becomes interested in pursuing a relationship with your PSS!

With that said, keep in mind that there are some events that will most certainly increase your exposure to your primary target market more so than others. Any event where there will be kids and their parents (such as community fairs, festivals, sporting events, park outings, 5k’s etc.) will be events that are going to attract the most leads. In addition to gathering leads, your involvement in community events also builds your reputation in the area. The public’s perception of the Parisi Speed School brand can have a lasting effect on your individual PSS. To this end, it is also important to become involved in community service events, such as fundraisers for a cause, area cleanup events, volunteer opportunities, etc. These opportunities have tremendous impact on your business because many of the adults who are passionate about these service events have kids – and the fact that you and your PSS support these events make them more inclined to support you!

One way of knowing for certain that what you are doing is “right” is when community leaders begin calling YOU to be a part of their events. Once you are viewed as a staple in your community, the “snowball effect” inevitably kicks in and there will be countless opportunities for your PSS team to build awareness by attending events!


Brand Awareness and Community Partnerships

A great way to increase your visibility is by creating partnerships with organizations and institutions that cater to youth and their parents. For example, partnering with elementary schools to run their field days or an after-school program, is a great way to get in front kids and their parents to showcase our training and what we are about as a company.

Recreation Departments, local YMCA’s and Boys and Girls Clubs are always looking for programing partners. Reaching out to these groups and running a Parisi class through these organizations is also a great way to get the program in front of your target audience and have them become familiar with what your location has to offer.

The Importance of Public Speaking Events

Public speaking is another great way to become recognized in your community. Clubs such as Adult Athletic Organizations, (remember, athletic adults probably have athletic kids) the Rotary Club, Business Council, Chamber of Commerce, PTA/PTO, etc. are ALWAYS looking for speakers.

It is always helpful to prepare a “stump speech” on a topic you know well and are passionate about, such as youth fitness, child nutrition, childhood obesity, etc. By having the basic information prepared in advance, all you have to do is tailor the stump speech to your particular audience. It can also be useful to have a small paragraph (or even an outline of your speech) to send to people in advance, so they can get a feel of what you are going to present during the session. Keep in mind, using visual aids in for your presentation is likely to have a greater impact on your audience and will most certainly help to build the PSS brand in your area.

Remember, your audience is NOT looking for a sales pitch! Your involvement in community outreach and public speaking events with various organizations is purely for exposure and networking purposes. Ultimately, this will result in your end goal of increased leads and sales.