5.1: Change of Direction (COD)

Change of direction technique can be summarized as a low athletic position. There is a small amount of flexion at the hips, knees and ankles. The base of support is wide, but relative to an athlete’s ability to generate the most amount of force. Drills that feature change of direction enhance an athlete’s ability to accelerate, decelerate, stop and re-accelerate while maintaining their speed and balance.

A portion of every change of direction day should be dedicated to deceleration. Athletes should finish any track drills in a position of deceleration along with the Parisi “ready up 2- claps”. The combination of our anchor drills and the emphasis on deceleration develops an athlete’s center of gravity management skills in relation to their momentum. By improving this attribute the athlete helps to optimize their reactive agility and maneuverability. And since change of direction, agility and maneuverability can occur all within a single play, the Parisi system dedicates time to building an athletes ability to cut, side step, break and pivot.

For a deeper understanding of Change of Direction, checkout Master Trainer Steve Leo’s webinar on the subject.