5.1 Finding Your Market

The first thing you need to do is find your market.  You already know some of the teams in your area, but you need to know as many as possible, because you have no idea who might be interested in buying your team training.  Refer to this list of great places to look for teams who might be interested in your team training:

Beyond your knowledge of your market, the easiest, fastest way is to use the internet.  We recommend three ways of searching for your market – using Google, social media and leaguelineup.com.  Please review the list we’ve provided of common search terms. Beyond these, we encourage you to be creative and develop your own searches based on your market and personal keywords.

You might have to make some phone calls to confirm if an organization has the correct teams for your team training. Make a list of all the teams you find by category, for example, public high schools, private schools, YMCA, or parks and rec departments. Don’t try to assess the team’s potential to buy right then. Just focus on getting as many teams as possible on your list. When you find a team in your market, always note any contact information for later use. We recommend that you set a goal of adding 2 to 3 teams a week to your list until you have the market well identified.