6.1 A Reminder About Customer Types

As a reminder from the “Developing Your Team Market” module, customers can be put into the following general categories:

  • Coaches
  • Athletic Directors
  • Booster Club Representatives
  • Team Captains/Leaders
  • League Directors/Owners

Each of the customers in these categories, can be further classified by the following important types:

  • Training Decision Maker – the person who has the final say as on the training their team receives and who will provide that training.
  • Financial Decision Maker – the person who has the authority to approve the funding for a team’s training.
  • Influencer – a person who can influence the training and/or financial decision-maker, but has no decision making power
  • Advocate – a person who is a raving-fan of your team training and the Parisi brand, and is willing to tell the decision maker. Often, these are former athletes or parents of athletes, but they can also be other coaches or Athletic Directors who have had a great experience.

Keep in mind that an individual might be more than one of these types. For example, a team’s coach might be both the training and financial decision maker.