6.6 The Power of a Win/Win

No relationship has a long-lasting future if it is only one sided. Customers who have an impression of you as “just salesperson” will not always give you the first opportunity. Why? Because team training “salespeople” are a dime a dozen. When you become a true partner to your customer—you will always be first on their list.

So how do you become a partner? By doing the things that we outlined in this module AND ensuring that every interaction, agreement, and follow-up you have with your customer is genuine and a win/win.

A genuine win/win relationship is when both parties win from the relationship. For example, your customer offers you their team training each off-season and you set up an injury prevention clinic and education day for players and parents at no cost each year. Your customer will feel that they not only benefited from your stellar team training, but the relationship gives them added benefits they would not have gotten from hiring just a team training sales person.

That is a genuine relationship that is a win/win.

Genuine relationships and win/wins are important for your influencers and advocates as well. Sometimes, just recognition is appropriate, like a handwritten thank you note or mentioning them during a presentation they attend. However, don’t let that be all you do. Take your influencer or advocate out to dinner or a game. Pick-up a round of golf or a session in the batting box. The activity is not as significant as the fact that you are recognizing their efforts and thanking them for it.

Building genuine lasting relationships is common sense for the most part. The key is remembering to keep these actions going on! No relationship in life continues without attention, so make sure you invest in your relationships. As we said previously, it’s much easier and more rewarding than constantly finding new customers.